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CLPL aspires to be one of world’s Leading Supply Chain Management Company,with global brand value making worthwhile contributions to the global supply chain improvements. We are committed to re-shape the current landscape of several Supply Chain Activities through our dedication and hard work, backed by modern technology and aggressive leadership.


To provide Integrated Supply Chain Solution with state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources. We are dedicated to provide value-added, innovative, reliable & cost-effective warehousing and consulting services to our customers.

Our Values

Logistics is the cornerstone of supply chain management, complementing all of the functions   involved in this ever-evolving process. The process crosses all internal and external systems by creating dynamic interaction, down to the SKU level or lower, among all trading partners – suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, retailers, e-retailers and end customers alike.

Today, it’s commonplace for sourcing and demand to be global with product life cycles getting shorter. This creates a greater need for market differentiation among manufacturers which makes it even more important to have supply chain solutions that can make a measurable difference between you and your competition. A major benefit of making CLPL your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) is our ability to synchronize your manufacturing, transportation and fulfillment processes on national basis.

CLPL has emerged as a Leading Logistics Provider because of our philosophy to continually develop and improve our supply chain solutions to better serve our clients, which is the basis of our proven implementation methodology. While many components of the supply chain buildings, front-line labor, operating equipment and transportation — have become largely commoditized, we continue to uncover efficiencies to keep you ahead of the competition. This is achieved by focusing on advanced technology, process consistency and exacting quality standards.When properly employed, supply chain velocity, visibility and agility are improved, yielding significant bottom line results in the traditional functional expenditures, as well as inventory carrying costs and revenue enhancements.